My imagery is an extension of myself — an extension of my love for music, travel, architecture and especially my love for the intricacies of the human experience that make every individual unique. I love nothing more than to collaborate with and execute a client’s vision as well as bring my own visions to life. I am a passionate person who puts every ounce of energy into my work alongside the extremely talented, as well as creative, crew and clients I have the honor of working alongside. I feel blessed, every day, to be doing what I do.

A fun little tidbit about how I got here:
Growing up, I had sleep apnea. As a result, I would often dream in still imagery instead of motion. I would wake up with these still image scenarios burned into my mind. After high school, I was on a path in the medical field to become a surgeon and needed a few extra credits one year. I decided photography would be a fun class to try. Despite it being a hellish class, I absolutely loved capturing candid moments, developing film and making prints. Halfway through the course I landed upon a Lurzers Archive and discovered conceptual advertising photography, immediately fell in love and found an outlet to recreate the dreams I was having! From there, it became my sole mission to pursue commercial photography, recreate my still imagery dreams and subsequently went on to consistency create new narratives.

I now thrive on working with clients to execute their extraordinary scenarios, photograph incredible people all over the world and document life moments amongst a wide array of cultures.

If you're still reading this...thank YOU for being an integral part of living out my dream.



2018 Best of the Best Photography
2018 One Eyeland Awards – Best of Advertising & Self Promotion
2017 Chicago’s Most Influential
2017 One Eyeland Awards – Best of Advertising & Self Promotion
2016 International Photo Awards-War/Conflict
2015 Best of the Best Photography
2014 One Eyeland Awards-Conceptual, Advertising, Self-Promotion, Portrait
2012 Hottest 30 Under 30

Abbott Laboratories
American Girl
DePaul University
Design Bureau Magazine
Destination Maternity
Dunkin Donuts
Ford Motor Company
Hewlett Packard
Hills Bros Coffee
Kraft Foods
Land’s End
Metropolis Coffee
Northwestern University
Olmstead Medical Center
Oscar Mayer
Peninsula Hotel
People Magazine
PF Changs
Pitchfork Music Festival
Superball Records
Trunk Club
Ulta Beauty
University of Chicago
Zales Jewelry